100 reasons why I love Romania

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Hello, guys! Today we’re celebrating our #100th National Day in Romania.

Happy to be back on my website to share with you some thoughts about this special day.

Yaaay, La multi ani, Romania! The Great Union of the 1st of December 1918 remains the most important moment in Romania’s history and this year we celebrate also Romania’s Centenary.

I told you many times that I love Romania and you should visit this amazing country, but now I want to give 100 reasons more.

Here we go:

1. This is the place where I live and where I was born

2. The people

3. Everything about the culture

4. The food (yummy)

5. The medieval castles

6. Yep, the legends (Dracula is one of them)

7. The champions (Hagi, Simona Halep, Ion Tiriac etc)

8. The inventors (did you know that Henri Coanda, a Romanian, invented the world’s first jet-powered aircraft, not to mention that Petrache Poenaru invented the fountain pen)

9. The landforms – we have mountains, hills, plains, and plateaus)

10. The seasons: summer (my favorite, of course), autumn, winter, and spring

11. The Black Sea and the beach

12. The city of Constanta or Constangeles :)), my hometown

13. The Transfagarasan road

14. The Danube river stopped to form a delta in our country

15. The fruits

16. The old churches

17. The history

18. The Romanian wines

19. The vegetables, especially the tomatoes – there isn’t tomatoes tastier than in Romania

20. The music – the authentic one

21. The pretzel

22. The simplicity of life especially in the countryside

23. The calm and the politeness of Ardeal people

24. The Christmas in Romania with the whole family at the table

25. The musicians (I included, haha)

26. The hospitality of the people, they will always want to sit you on a table to have lunch or dinner

27. The Romanian women are sooo beautiful

28. We know how to laugh even if when we are in trouble

29. We even have a merry cemetery

30. This is the place from where I started my career

31. The kids are very intelligent and participate at Olympics

32. Just go and search Maria Tanase on YouTube. Her voice gives me shivers

33. Because Timisoara is the first street lighted city in Europe

34. For the Sphinx, you should visit Busteni & Brasov

35. We have some interesting lakes, like Lake Sf. Ana

36. Because Nicolae Paulescu invented insulin and now more than 422 million adults with diabetes in the world have a cure

37. We have a mud volcano at Buzau

38. Some amazing writers like Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, Mihail Sadoveanu are Romanians

39. The Techirghiol lake – the mud lake very good for natural treatments

40. The famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi

41. Because we still know how to smile and dream

42. The young designers

43. The games of my childhood

44. Classical music composer George Enescu, regarded as one of the most important Romanian musician

45. Because of the life stories

46. For the authentic drinks like “palinca” and “tuica” (you should try)

47. The New Year’s Eve – we literally party all night long

48. The parties – we like to dance, to spend time with friends

49. We have at least 3 big festivals: Untold, Neversea and Electric Castle

50. The queen Maria became a model for the women not only in Romania, but overseas also

51. Nadia Comaneci is the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 at the Olympic Games

52. Ilie Nastase is one of the ten tennis players in history who have won more than 100 ATP professional titles

53. Lots of species of fishes in the sea and on the Danube river

54. Because sarmale

55. Because we have 4 out of 10 Energetic Centres of the Heart in Europe (they represent the balance point between the Earth and the Sky)

56. Because of Dem Radulescu, Stela Popescu and Jean Constantin, 3 of the biggest comedy actors ever!

57. Our national shirt named “ie”

58. Traian Vuia, the Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer (and now I can have concerts all over the world, yaaas)

59. For Burebista, Decebalus, Mihai Viteazul, Stefan cel Mare, Alexandru Ioan Cuza etc

60. For the Mocanita, the last forestry steam train left in the world

61. Because money isn’t everything in Romania

62. Because we literally know how to start from the bottom (just like Drake)

63. Because my first steps were on the grass, not on the cement

64. We like to help people no matter what

65. Because of Ana Aslan, the Romanian biologist who discovered the anti-aging effects of procaine and also she is considered to be a pioneer of gerontology and geriatrics

66. Romania has the 5th fastest internet in the world

67. The prices are low compared to other European countries, not to mention America

68. Because all the women can vote and drive

69. Because Romanian is the second language spoken at Microsoft offices

70. We have a lot of pie recipes, and sweets

71. We are hardworking people established all over the world

72. The doctors are really good (unfortunately, lots of them leave to work abroad)

73. We have amazing medicine schools, where the foreign students come to study (from Israel, Greece, Spain)

74. The summers at the seaside are the best (music, beaches, parties, highly recommended)

75. Bucharest is on a list of 140 most liveable cities in the world

76. Because in 1989, my birth year, Romania had a big Revolution afterward we become a democratic country

77. Romania is home to the second-largest surface of virgin forests in Europe after Russia

78. 50% of the Carpathian Mountains are in Romania

79. The habitat for the largest European populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois, and lynxes is in Romania

80. The Danube Delta is hosting over 300 species of birds and 45 freshwater fish species. My favorite animals from the Delta are the wild horses.

81. The Palace of the Parliament is the world’s largest administrative building and the second-largest building in the world after the Pentagon in the US.

82. The local car brand Dacia, now one of the most popular brands in Europe

83. We have a lot of ONGs dedicated to kids, women rights and animals

84. The statue of Decebalus near the town of Orsova is the largest rock sculpture in Europe

85. We have the Salt Mine in Turda, recommended and visited by Jared Letto

86. The Sarmizegetusa Regia, which is a Dacian fortress in the Orastie Mountains

87. The wooden churches of Maramures

89. The Voronet Monastery in Bucovina, known as the “Sistine Chapel of the East”

90. The Bigar waterfall

91. Constanta Casino, once an opulent Art Nouveau place, now an abandoned building

92. The Tunnel of Love, Obreja village

93. Carturesti Carusel bookstore

94. Brasov sign in a Hollywood style

95. Romanian Kitsch Museum

96. The colorful old city of Sighisoara

97. The decorated Easter eggs

98. The Transalpina road

99. The Bicaz Gorge

100. Because #RomaniansDoItBetter

Just let me know when will you visit #Romania!

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